What To Optimize for In Life

Life is no small feat. When you accomplish something big, it feels great, but as soon as that feeling subsides, the bar is now higher.

As you continue to raise the bar it’s important to realize that in order to get over it, you need to optimize for learning. Not through reading but by doing.

School is interesting. Mainly because succeeding within school, by the traditional standard, is training you to become an academic. Good grades portray your ability to study and research, precisely what your professors do full time. Most entry level jobs, put you on the path of the long bureaucratic rise.

It’s funny because all learning takes place outside of your comfort zone, and as you continue to do what you do, you begin to miss out on the opportunities to further develop your skills by doing what you don’t typically do.

Think about it, when did you learn more, in the first month of your job, or in the second, third and even fourth months?

So, there’s a problem, the longer you do something, the more you begin to plateau… How do you go about solving this problem?

Initiative, in and outside of your job. Nobody’s going out of their way to expose you to new opportunity so you can learn more… It’s up to you to put it upon yourself. Whether it’s offering your time to a busy baller who’s #1 bottle neck is their time, or it’s doing something entrepreneurial with your life.

The best advice I ever got around hacking learning within your own life is starting a meetup group, thanks to Charlie O’Donnell, VC and legendary connector. Meetup groups give you a platform to invite some of the most influential thought leaders in to speak or be interviewed at your event! Not only can you tailor who you’re learning from and the questions you’re asking, but you’re doing it on stage, getting publicity, building your brand.

It’s a no brainer I’ve used to interview individuals like Charlie, Dave Tisch, Michael Karnjanaprakorn, Scott Britton, all while learning first hand.

All in all, beware of stagnation, it will kill your life’s progress and rise to the top. Instead, take it upon yourself to do things you don’t HAVE to do, but rather things that will put you one step closer to reaching where you want to be a couple years down the road!

How have you optimized for learning in your life?

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