Addictions are funny things. You think you have complete control but are merely a victim of ignorant deceit.

50 years ago, everybody smoked cigs and were under the impression that they were a good thing. Fast forward, there are still millions of smokers fighting to reclaim their mind and control, to no avail. 

Well today I would like to bring up a new addiction. Humanity’s new found love for the Internet.

“Everything in moderation,” a mantra Ive been learning in life over and over again. Well like all things good, too much is bad, and today I’d like to say, WE ALL USE THE INTERNET TOO MUCH.

Don’t get me wrong. The Internet is an extremely powerful force of good. It drives change and allows 2 people in a garage the chance to disrupt a century old industry. But, with great power comes great responsibility, and although social media/email do allow us to connect in scalable way, we often find ourself lost and aimlessly roaming in the Internet.

It’s a new world, in the same way a drug can take you to new places and alter your perceptions, the Internet can pull you in and send you in a cycle of never ending time wasting loops.

So my ask is simple… Ask yourself, “what am I truly trying to accomplish?” And “How will I use the Internet to help?”

And NOT the other way around, for that is where you will get lost.

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